Hi, I’m Jenny Werbeloff and I’d like you to know two things:
  You are your greatest asset.
  The relationship you have with yourself determines the base from which all else flows.

Your relationship harmony, your health and wellbeing, and your inner fulfilment are interlinked and entirely dependent on you having this core knowledge of yourself.

It is my joy to inspire you and teach you how to create love, joy, freedom, vitality, and inspiration from within. These gifts are freely available to you – if you are available to yourself.

My work is different from what I see offered around me. There are so many remedies about for every health, wellbeing and relationship struggle, all neatly packaged in a box, with a price tag, yet people are still asking: What does this all mean? Why am I not happy? Why is life a struggle? Why doesn’t it work?

I have the elusive answer to those questions. So, if you are continually trying to ‘fix something’ in your life, please know this: The magic formula – the only magic formula – is the continual sharpening of your relationship with your essence and your unlimited resources within. And … you have free and unlimited access to this magic – if you are available to yourself.


I call it Sourcing from Within™.

Sourcing from Within™ is my tag line, and that is exactly what I do. I design my relationships and I create my life – from within, and I teach what I live.

I can inspire you to explore and experience this and you will see the results in your life. What you learn will enhance your vitality and wellbeing and increase the joy in your relationships as you create a life you love. I believe success in our lives is measured by the magnificence we express and the joy, vitality and freedom that we feel.

You can live fully, live passionately, live abundantly
– and enjoy the journey – Sourcing from Within™.
“When we let go of what confines us, new possibility is already emerging.” Jenny Werbeloff
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