‘The Third Place’ – draws its name from a term coined by urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg, who says that most people have three places that define them – home, work and a third place.

This ‘third place’ refers to community places where people gather and interact.

Make my place - Jenny’s Place - your third place.

It is my intention to explore and reveal how we shape our lives. Mostly this is happening below our level of awareness. “Outcomes are an internal orientation” and my aim is to highlight the many ways we create the outcomes we experience, and promote our ability to be consciously creative in the moment.

My focus is on experiential discovery and closing the ‘gap’ between noticing and creating a new opportunity that invites celebration and aligns one with the flow of wellbeing.

My work is experiential rather than cognitive. It has as core components inspiration, innovative enquiry, exploration of feelings, awareness, breath, movement, mind-body integration and creation (this is a change from intuition), following authentic impulse, coupled with learning practical skills. All of these are aimed at creating shifts in consciousness.

Private consultations, (in person and by phone), family groups, dedicated interest groups, (e.g. conscious parenting), weekly learning forums, workshops and retreats, (in Australia and overseas) are all available.

Join this international learning community dedicated to personal empowerment and growth through your own creation, that supports your ongoing journey to a more exciting and fulfilled existence.

I am thrilled to present:
The Heart of the Matter
Integrating Wholeness, Building Vibrancy
Relationships - Connections of the Heart
Sourcing Abundance
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