The Heart of the Matter
Small group sessions - Book now!
Held: fortnightly
Evenings: 7.30 – 9.30
Cost: $60-00 per session
Where: South Melbourne

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Comments from participants:

“Wow, nearly a week on and much is resonating still with me.”

“My world has got bigger, and I have more energy and life…”

“I have noticed myself smile a little more, laugh more, sleep better and worry less. WOW.

“This kind of learning should be taught to us from a young age…”

“How exciting to experience that learning can be fun…”

“It’s challenging to come up against my self-imposed rules all the time…”

“What a realisation to come up against my self imposed masquerade ... letting go of this pattern is easier than I realised…”

“What great learning that the journey to anything is the journey to and through myself…”

"I am so appreciative of the work and play we have done together. I reflect often how I have changed and what I feel now, whilst still making mistakes along the way, my world is a far richer one."

"Thank you for the last group session. I felt that it was invaluable and has once again reinforced the need to be present, open and playing with what is around me. My world is a far richer one as a consequence."

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