Jenny Werbeloff

Jenny has spent 35 years living and exploring at the outer edges of possibility in order to continually discover life-enhancing ways to ensure, and restore, health and wellbeing, and live abundantly and joyfully.

Jenny studied Social Work at university and then spent some years in the travel industry. This broadened her world view and gave her a great understanding of people. She then ‘followed her heart’ into the field of wholistic health, teaching Gita yoga and meditation and using breath and relaxation as a vehicle for restoring and promoting wellbeing.

Her work evolved into a full time spiritual healing practice with programs that promoted and supported wellbeing. She designed and facilitated wellbeing workshops and spiritual retreats in Germany, Spain, England and Italy as well as at home in Australia. Jenny also has certification from the Hendricks Institute for coaching in Conscious Relationship and Body-Mind Vibrance.
During the last 20 years she has worked with countless numbers of people, privately and in groups (big and small), as well as in extended workshops. Her experience in assisting others is vast and varied. However, she is NOT process oriented, but prefers to access the heart of the matter by allowing the greatest learning edge to reveal itself. Working creatively, with amazing clarity, attention, heart and focus, her purpose is always to enable the link in awareness between the inner and the outer worlds of everyone she works with. Connecting the dots in our creative process is her speciality.
Jenny comes from a deep and abiding premise that we are all responsible for the life we are living, and with awareness and commitment we can ALWAYS expand our capacity to enrich and transform ourselves and all situations we find ourselves experiencing – whether this has to do with our health, our relationship with our self or with others, or whether we are thriving and joyous or living in struggle and dis-ease.
Jenny is dynamic. She is challenging. She is a catalyst for change. In a safe and nurturing environment, she holds an intentional space that ensures transformation. Her aim is to put people in charge of their lives by creating an awareness-based understanding of how we impact our own lives.
Every thought, action, choice, and decision is an on-going cause, so rather than taking the symptomatic approach (working with symptoms) Jenny uses a learning model, honouring each one’s capacity to develop the skills to engage with themselves differently and consciously create a more fulfilling way of being and living. The journey through and with Life then becomes increasingly dynamic and deeply satisfying.


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