Like most of us, I was born into a family where distress caused by relationship break-down resulted in emotional pain and illness. When I was 15 years old, I realised that MY life did not have to be like this. I decided to BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MY JOY – and so my work in the world began.

It became clear to me that a problem or stress in one area of life created an onflow into other areas. I realised that Sourcing (the solutions) from Within™ enabled me to access my full potential and generate an unending opportunity to design a joyful, inspired, fulfilled, exhilarating and creative life – no matter what else was going on. There is no need to change external situations. Changing me, changes the whole.

You might feel that ‘something is not working’ in your life. You may feel that life is somehow a mystery that you cannot make sense of, that the solutions to living are elusive.

Could you be:
  seeking more
  ready for your next level of expansion
  ready to source your unlimited capacity within
  ready to access your continuous freedom

I sought answers to a turbulent family life when I was 15, and found them. I have learnt the incredible value of Sourcing from Within™ and I am committed to equipping you with the tools that provide you with an internal foundation for restoring and creating your ease.

I help people establish the link to their JOY and WELLBEING. This enables you to experience the freedom of choice, no matter what circumstances you are experiencing or where you show up in the world.

In the sacred space of our work together you will:
  learn to nurture yourself with love and gentleness as you grow
  come to know your intrinsic value
  learn to honour your feelings
  know how to meet your needs
  harness the power of your mind so that it works for you.
My Vision is that you:
  remain connected to the source of love and wellbeing within you
  know the power of your dreams and can make them real and live them
  learn to create relationships that are deeply loving and celebratory in tone
  know how to source your joy and your wellbeing
  discover the gift of your presence in the world
  discover your life is an exciting and ongoing opportunity to flourish as you express your genius
I know you can do this by choice, and I can show you how!
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