Short Testimonials:

Pia - Managing Director
"Jenny created the opportunity for me to 'look deeper' into the results I was creating in my life." Read more ...

Alex - Professional Athlete, Management Consultant
"Jenny's work has taught me how to manage my motivation and focus and balance it with health and recovery." Read more ...

Karen - Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
"Jenny's unique, creative and dynamic approach sees her working in the moment with real life issues as they present." Read more ...

Therese - Speech Therapist
"Jenny speaks to my soul and heart - they listen and ache to hear more as it speaks a truth that I have not ever heard or known before." Read more ...

Jamie - International Relations Manager for Shell, London
"Jenny provided a foundation for skills-based living, and the development of an awareness-based understanding of how my choices affect my life." Read more ...

Brigitte - Chef, Writer & Wine Bar proprietor
"Jenny is a tremendous life mentor." Read more ...

Lionel - Financial Planner
"Jenny is the ultimate sea change for the soul."

Full Testimonials:

Pia - Managing Director
I met Jenny at a time when my life reflected the despair that I felt. Notwithstanding being perceived as a naturally bubbly and optimistic person, one morning I just could not get out of bed.

My doctor recommended that I see Jenny, and I have never looked back. I remember barely being able to find the words to express my feelings.

Jenny created the opportunity for me to ‘look deeper’ into the results I was creating in my life. She inspired in me my ability to make choices that were increasingly congruent with my authentic feelings and to recognise what was ‘really’ happening. I was staggered to realise how ‘out of touch’ with myself and my life I really was.

In addition, she increasingly expanded my perception of possibilities that were available within me.

It became clear to me that issues that I constantly rotated, not only affected my health and well-being but my personal and business relationships as well. I have learnt how to identify what I am feeling and to make choices which empower me to move forward in life feeling strong and confident. I now live life in a way that increasingly creates my joy and freedom. I am enjoying expanding into the amazing person I ‘feel’ I am today, and life is constantly offering me new ways to express my fulfillment.

Jenny has an ability to mentor and to inspire. I recommend her to anyone who wants to discover their increasing capacity and to contribute to their own unlimited potential and fulfillment. I choose ongoing mentoring with Jenny, as the benefits to all areas of my life are immeasurable.

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Alex - Professional Athlete, Management Consultant
I was introduced to Jenny in 1997 whilst I was training as part of the Australian Modern Pentathlon Team. My usual training day comprised 6–8 hours of physical training combined with full time studies (4 – 6 hours per day) leaving very little time for recovery and rest. I was worn out, stressed, and close to the point of physical breakdown. The path I was on was not sustainable because there was no balance and no time for 'recovery'. A concept that (in my experience) is not covered in enough detail by the structured sports programmes I have been part of in Australia and the UK.

Over many years I have worked with Jenny in a number of areas – yoga, healing, and stress management. These have helped me minimise the injury risks associated with physical exertion at this level, support my body to recover effectively from intense training, and keep my mind balanced – whilst dealing with the pressure of competitions (World, European, Asia-Pacific & National Championships), studies (both on & off campus), and other pressures in day-to-day life.

Across my career as an athlete I have represented Australia in both Water Polo & Modern Pentathlon, Great Britain in Modern Pentathlon and, most recently, Scotland in Water Polo. I have achieved this whilst completing two full time degrees - BA (Psych) & BSc (Honors) Business Studies, and establishing a 'fast tracked' career in Management Consulting.

Jenny's work has taught me how to manage my motivation & focus and balance it with health and recovery. I apply all the techniques I have been taught by Jenny across all areas of my life and firmly believe that her approach to balance, problem solving, and long term happiness – is one that promotes health to its fullest.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jenny to anyone who is keen to understand and challenge themselves in their own quest to achieve. I know her methodology works because it has helped me on endless occasions!
Thank you Jenny – for all your help over the last 10 years – it has been greatly appreciated!

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Karen - Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
I first met Jenny more than 12 years ago while working with her at the Melbourne Sports Clinic in South Yarra. Her work came to my attention as I witnessed the miraculous results she was achieving with her clients and the exceptional relationships she had cultivated in her own life.

I was curious and consulted with her for myself. At the time I had no idea that my life was so empty; that I had virtually no relationship with myself. I had become so out of touch with me.

Her unique, creative and dynamic approach sees her working in the moment with real life issues as they present. I could never have imagined that it was possible for any practitioner to work as she does.

I was captivated by Jenny’s immense capacity to create a safe and nurturing space for me to discover and explore my inner world. I was completely taken by her natural warmth and openness and her amazing ability to make life lessons simple and easy to apply. Best of all she has been endlessly supportive and encouraging of my achievements, celebrating my life as she would her own.

One delightful and unexpected result of working with Jenny is that I am now not only more compassionate, whole and caring in my personal life, but this has also crossed over into my professional life. I have learnt the value of cultivating intimacy in all my relationships. Jenny has inspired me to take more courageous leaps as a person and a practitioner. I now have a thriving TCM practice and am living my dream.

Jenny’s work is compatible with and complementary to my own. I routinely refer clients to her and my experience is that these clients are forever grateful for the introduction. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Jenny’s work. She is exceptional.

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Therese - Speech Therapist
Jenny is indeed a unique individual. I first noticed her remarkable presence and her ability to ‘push the boundaries’. She had a lighthearted and keenly spirited view of life.

When I first arrived, I was deeply unhappy and lonely. I wanted to be ‘fixed’. From the outside it would have appeared that I had a loving and supportive family and group of friends; that I had it all. But there were so many pieces missing from my life. Some I knew of and some were hidden from my view.

Jenny speaks to my soul and heart. They listen and ache to hear more as it speaks a truth that I had not ever heard or known before. Her eyes have a way of drawing you in where she can communicate with the whole part of you. My intellect is stubborn and I am learning gradually to listen to my heart to develop my own identity; strong and joyful.

I have made many changes along the way. Some have been immensely difficult and painful. I have had her support at every moment, even when I felt that I had gone backwards and not forwards. I feel guided on my path.

I feel grateful. I am willing to take full responsibility for my life. I have found a new way of living and being. I feel that it is a more joyful and whole existence.

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Jamie - International Relations Manager for Shell, London
About ten years ago, a naturopath recommended that I seek some assistance with my life.
During this period I left a long-time career in big companies and was setting up my own business. Around that time, too, my marriage broke up after many years of highs and lows. I was worried about whether I could make a living, what I was going to do with my life, how my kids would cope.

Having seen a number of people over the years – marriage counsellors, psychologists, even a psychiatrist – I was sceptical as to whether Jenny could be any different. However, Jenny turned out to be something of a revelation.

For me, Jenny was unique, in that she combined warmth, understanding, friendliness and emotional support with a hard-nosed toughness and clarity about facing yourself and confronting your issues. In addition, Jenny provided a foundation for skill-based living, and the development of an awareness-based understanding of how my choices affect my life. Many times I sat with her and said: ‘In my head I can see what you mean and understand what you are saying, but how do I find the courage to jump off what seems to be a cliff?’

It took quite some time, but eventually I did jump. It proved to be a cliff in my head, and the world didn’t end. In fact, for the first time in my life I felt certain that I was in control of myself and what happened to me – and unafraid that, whether I made money or not, whether I was in a relationship of not, I would be fine. It’s a hard-to-describe feeling that, on the one hand you are in the hands of the universe, or the gods, or God, and on the other you are responsible for yourself.

I think that last bit is the key – ultimately your fate is in your own hands, and the key test in life is to discover that and then use it. And that’s what Jenny helped me to learn – that’s her talent, and for that I’m very grateful.

As I now live in London, I am looking forward to participating in the ongoing learning by way of the international learning community forum that Jenny is now setting up.

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Brigitte - Chef, Writer & Wine Bar proprietor
I was having great difficulties with my life after a long-tern relationship breakdown. I felt I was unable to move on.

My trusted Chinese Doctor suggested I see Jenny – someone she highly recommended – to assist me.

What surprised me most about the process was how joyful and exciting the journey with her was – very quickly my life was being faced with many new possibilities and opportunities – and change from within came about swiftly and with relative ease.

My life changed irrevocably – in a most wonderful way. I now have a sense of freedom and an understanding of myself which I never knew was possible. Life for me now has a completely different and beautiful meaning.

Jenny is a tremendous life mentor.

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